Benefits of our offer

Immediately available competencies or sourcing within 15 days in regions (Odessa, Ukraine; Minsk, Belarus) where the engineering culture is world-renowned

The choice of profiles according to your research

Flexibility, increase or decrease in the number of participants

The benefit of a wide range of competencies, all of which are paid by 1000Geeks, that allows to create a synergy and to save a lot of time in case of difficulties

Control of your financial and technical risks

Saving time for your recruitment and staff management

–°lose commercial follow-up and a dedicated project manager

Technical Director dedicated to guide you to the best technologies choice

Agile Organizational Methods (Scrum / Kanban)

Benefits of our offer

Answers to the problems in 5 days (Sprint method by Jake Knapp)

Accompaniment to define your canvases (Lean Canvas, Strategic Canvas and Matrix ERAC Blue Ocean)

Accompaniment to define your business plan

Accompaniment to define your communication and marketing strategy

Support from our network for fundraising