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Do you use the Liqpay payment system? Looking for a solution to link your Liqpay e-wallet and the opportunities that gives the Odoo Accounting Management System? We have created a solution for you! 

Solution by 1000Geeks

1000Geeks presents you a module that constitutes a payment link between Odoo and LIQPAY. In this respect, this module works in the same way as other payment systems such as PayPal, Ogone, Wire Transfer.

Module LIQPAY-Odoo is an ideal solution for companies that provide services or products online or offline. It allows your customers to pay the invoices that were created in the Odoo system. This module automatically registers the payment of LIQPAY in the Odoo system and authorizes the customer to pay for products or services on your site using the LIQPAY system.

How to install the LIQPAY module? If you want to get more information, watch the video below!  



Notable profits


Usability and facility of installation

You only need to install two parameters to make it work after the installation of the module: create the invoice and send it to the client by email.


Automation of the invoice system and simple management

This module automatically registers the payment of LIQPAY in the Odoo system. The receipt of payment is based on the invoice. Automatic registration of payment according to LIQPAY. LIQPAY payment transaction management.


This module is free

You can install it for free on the Odoo Apps website.