Problems waiting to be solved

Prestashop is an effective solution for creating an E-shop and developing your business. It offers many features and modules necessary to create a successful online store.

However, does this system take into account all your needs? Obviously, you have already faced some limitations working with this application. The lack of an accounting system and the limited ability of invoice and payment management in your admin panel force you to waste your time creating many documents manually, instead of developing your business.

Stop wasting your time and money doing actions that can be automated right now! Discover last solutions! 

Solution by 1000Geeks

The Odoo-Prestashop connector is a module for the Odoo ERP system, which allows you to import data from Prestashop into Odoo. What will it give you? This module allows you to use all the advantages of the Odoo ERP system in coordination with Prestashop. What kind of advantages are we talking about? Odoo has much more advanced management system of stock, invoices and accounting than Prestashop. What opportunities does such solution offer you? Using Prestashop with a connector for Odoo allows you to synchronize data on orders, customers, payments, invoices and delivery.

In addition, the system is automated, so it analyzes the status of the order in Prestashop and automatically processes the order, invoice, payment, movement in the warehouse in Odoo according to the status in Prestashop. You no longer have to do it all manually! 


The Odoo-Prestashop connector will be an excellent solution for both small companies with one store, and for large corporations with an extensive sales network through an online store. The advantage of the connector is to support the Prestashop multistore mode and add several Prestashop stores, which allows large companies that manage E-commerce in various fields and have many Prestashop stores, combine all orders and customers and manage the warehouse from one ERP system.



Notable profits


A unified management system

The support of several Prestashop stores in a single Odoo system.


Simple and automated management

The user-friendly interface of the administration panel. The analysis and processing of the order status of Prestashop in Odoo. Automated management of orders, invoices, payments and a stock in Odoo.


Always up-to-date data

Maintaining the current stock update in Odoo. Tracking the latest imports.


Importing of large volumes of data

The import of all Prestashop data in the queue (more than 500,000 records) allows you to import all the data from Prestashop for years, which is not possible under the conditions of classic online import.