Problems waiting to be solved

1000Geeks is an international IT solution provider with companies in 3 countries and 100% remote clients. As a result, we understand very well the importance of the visibility, reactivity and productivity needs of our clients.

Have you discovered that ...

- you don’t get enough visibility on the activities of your remote team?

- traditional project management software is complicated and does not provide rigorous monitoring of project implementation?

- project management software is passive and does not help you to see the whole picture of the project?

It is time to choose solutions that keep pace with current evolving technologies!

Solution by 1000Geeks

Kiiver is your own virtual office, an immersive (VR) solution for effective supervision of your remote team.

Kiiver is an application that will help you fundamentally change the level of productivity and trust between you and your team.

Find yourself at the heart of your team, wherever it is, without leaving your office or home and in addition, always having access to the project management system.



Notable profits


Kiiver, it's fun!

The VR entertaining interface will make your work even more enjoyable and efficient.


Kiiver saves you time and money

As simple as possible to learn, due to the fact that you work in an environment designed as a game. In addition, you save your time and money spent on displacements and excessive communication!


Kiiver builds confidence

At any time you can see what your team is doing as if you were in the office with them.


Kiiver brings you together

Kiiver helps all project participants to work together in a comfortable atmosphere for everyone and gives everybody the opportunity to monitor the progress of the project.


Kiiver is a key startup partner

Kiiver is also an application dedicated to startups.