Phone Me is a startup that, thanks to its technological innovation resulting in patent filings, but also by the integration of predictive analysis (Machine learning, Deep Learning) in its software is laureate of "La FrenchTech" and is supported by Bpifrance.

Its technological advances as well as the integration of artificial intelligence within its systems and algorithms make it one of the jewels of the French High Tech industry.

Phone Me

Challenge to overcome

Phone Me needed to develop a supplychain traceability solution across the entire value chain of its customers' products, including: plant, depots, importers and distributors, wholesalers, retailers, end customers.

The ingredients of the realization

7 person(s)

1 year(s)


Ethereum blockchain

From idea to realization

The solution was to integrate proprietary NFC chip and RFID tag technologies. This is to follow the products individually, by package and also by pallets respectively. The proposed solution was to use Blockchain Ethereum to centralize responsibilities and manage security. All the actors can interact via ODOO for which we realized a module of communication with the blockchain Ethereum.

Finally, a dashboard makes it possible to follow in real time the purchasing behavior of the end customers according to their different criteria such as geographical location, etc.
The economic possibilities of this solution are colossal.


Phone Me