AdPremier is a SEA agency that is a certified Google Premier Partner, specializing in the creation and optimization of sponsored links campaigns.

AdPremier helps you to achieve your growth objectives, thanks to a unique methodology in the market, the result of many years of experience and expertise on the entire ecosystem "SEA".


Challenge to overcome

In order to optimize the process of advertising campaign implementation, Adpemier has entrusted to 1000Geeks the development of applications allowing to improve the productivity of its operational teams and to address a broader market without increasing its workforce. AdPremier also wants to use its capacity for innovation to stand out from its competitors.



The ingredients of the realization

2 person(s)

1 year(s) 7 month(s)



From idea to realization

1000geeks develops various applications of Google Adwords advertising campaign automation. These are long projects and the challenge is to offer added value to AdPremier as soon as possible. The goal is to offer added value in the shortest possible time to absorb the costs of research and development.

The 3 developed applications are

1) Automation of the audit

- Audit automation of selected advertising campaigns
(report generation in html and sending in pdf).

2) Campaign Reconstructor

- Automatic analysis and creation of new automated advertising campaigns in Google Adwords with keywords based on existing advertising campaigns (Google Adwords, Bing).

3) Automation of Bid Management

This solution aims to make automatically and in real time the good settings of the campaigns in order to maximize the profits of their customers thanks to the artificial intelligence.