CRYSTALCHAIN makes it possible to track products from end to end by securing data with the blockchain.


Challenge to overcome

Crystalchain came to 1000geeks with the goal to accelerate the development of his project. This startup needed to develop the blockchain solution with complex technical constraints related to the security and availability of the service to trace millions of products on the surface of the globe.

We took up the challenge by participating in the creation of a technical (complex) infrastructure involving the management of blockchains.

The ingredients of the realization

3 person(s)

1 year(s) 8 month(s)


Ethereum blockchain

From idea to realization

Since 2018, our Java, Ruby and JavaScript developers have realized all Frontend and Backend modules using a previously developed global platform architecture.

Our team refactored the code, added the necessary user interface components, and modified some of the existing components.

Regarding the backend part, we implemented the blockchain. 1000Geeks has developed the functionality making possible to save user data in a non-relational database and export it to the private and public blockchain as well as to the remote storage file. Our team has also connected a search engine. In addition, 1000Geeks has developed an ecosystem that includes the possibility to use the platform for several independent user networks of an organization. To use advanced technologies, we migrated the project and used the latest versions of the frameworks.

Actually, the development of the first version of the platform is finalized. The platform is put into exploitation.

Now, this platform allows to have a traceability of products according to the defined information (production, storage, transport, quality control ...) and acquired by any type of means (barcode, RFID, software, manual entry ...).