COSMOCARE is a toxicology laboratory that has decided to revolutionize a profession with well-established practices and bring it into the digital world.

The Cosmocare laboratory is in the heart of Barcelona. Its customers are manufacturers of cosmetic products whose objective is the placing on the market of quality products that are in compliance with legislation, for example European regulation (CE) 1223/2009.


Challenge to overcome

The challenge for Cosmocare was to create a platform that offer cosmetic companies the opportunity to test their products on an ultra-targeted audience before the products reach the mass market.

For this reason, Cosmocare has entrusted 1000Geeks with the development of a complex platform, including 3 essential parts: B2B, B2C and the back office

The ingredients of the realization

3 person(s)

9 month(s)



From idea to realization

1000geeks took over this project, having the layouts and some basic modules. After 9 months of development and refactoring, we provided an operational application. The platform created by 1000Geeks for Cosmocare, including:

The B2B part is intended for companies wanting to test their products. Thanks to the solutions produced by 1000Geeks, companies can register, create their profiles, create and modify their projects (tests), communicate via a chat and have everything they need to effectively manage their researches.

The B2C part is intended for volunteers and consumers. It opens the possibility for their users to register, to consult the new tests and the already passed tests, to follow the tests in which they are currently participating as well as to have access to the questionnaires to be completed.

The back office part allows you to manage the B2B and B2C parts, and also includes a tracking system for the delivery of products to volunteers and consumers.

This 100% Spanish language platform has been designed to be scalable.