Solution Architect:
The best choices for optimal scalability according to your project!

The art of technical architecture is to know how to marry technology, resources, budget and methods of development. We are fond of new technologies and often create micro service architectures with a Polyglot Framework in order to be in harmony with agile organizational methods.

The micro service guarantees an exceptional scalability (3 million requests per second) and allows to choose the best language for each service and functionality (Framework Polyglot). One of the other main advantages is to be able to modify and evolve each service containing the functionalities without having a long and tedious overhaul.

Our choices may contain Python, Django, Spark, JS / Meteor, REACT, REACT Native, Ionic, graph databases, noSQL, messaging systems such as Kafka or Rabbit MQ, cache systems such as Redis, Docker / AWS environments and more, including the Blockchain!

We make the most productive, secure and scalable choices, we turn your idea into a powerful digital asset!



Editing process

Control of technical risks


Scalability of the team


Efficiency and reactivity


Agile and Iterative




Yes and with anticipation


Very important

Fast time to market


Loss of time beforehand (3 months minimum)



Difficult because everything is determined in advance (definitive engagement in terms of cost and time)



Higher risk

A project without funds will never be successful!

In addition to our myVenturesOfGeeks offer, we have partners to carry out private and public fundraising.

In Early Stage with a solid contribution or following a significant MVP, our partners will be able to accompany you to carry out your financing round.

We guarantee technical scalability and time to market, which reassures investors inexorably.

Do not hesitate to come and tell us about your project!

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